How do you break a voodoo spell

How do you break a voodoo spell if You Think You’re Cursed or Hexed

How do you break a voodoo spell negative spells that have headed your way Magick Spells, Curse Spells, Witch Spell, Tarot, Banishing on someone who is causing emotional harm to your family?
How To Remove Voodoo of A Person with powerful voodoo spell caster Anwar Sadat who is well famous and experienced over 25-year helping people across the world in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Zambia though is based in South Africa Johannesburg making cleansing spells and burnished enemies and evil withes so

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How do you break a voodoo spell

Do it the old fashion way face the person I just had this same experience with an old female friend of 30 years. This person caused a lot of pain in the family and that included friends so I faced her in a calm manner and let her know how things were. The trouble stopped!. Voodoo is not the answer and anyone who practices voodoo has to learn from a pro for years. is to be respected, but I’ve never experienced it so it’s difficult to tell if the spells work or the person receiving the bad spell believes enough in it they cause their own pain. People that are cruel and mean usually hang themselves in their own noose anyway.

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